Utilized Presentation – Apply – Manufacturing (PPP) As an Strategy in Instructing Grammar

“I by no means educate my pupils, I solely try to supply the situations during which they will study.”

• Albert Einstein

There are a number of worldwide instructive approaches launched by professional language proponents for language educating. Presentation- Apply -Manufacturing (PPP) is one among the many widely-used strategies for grammar directions. It’s a conventional method however its employment should not be taken with no consideration; cautious planning is required for its expediency. Its rudiments direct lecturers to allow studying by stimulating learners’ ascending pondering ranges via classes’ well- outlined targets whereas they’re entrenched in its three phases.

In PPP, educating will be efficient when the goal language is managed. Subsequently, limiting language expressions as topic issues equivalent to “is, are, am; there may be and there are; this, these, that and people; can and might’t; can and will; might and would possibly; correct nouns and customary nouns, rely and non-count nouns, energetic and passive modes, constructive and adverse statements, adverse and constructive questions with sure -no responses, zero conditional versus first conditionals,” amongst quite a few classes based mostly from the language program’s sequenced define being managed. At this juncture, learners have to be outlined. Defining learners is lecturers’ consciousness of scholars’ comprehension ranges, age, nationality and tradition the place the creation of duties designs and examples to facilitate efficient educating are based upon.

Instructing grammar constructions via the PPP will be extra operative after we affiliate instructive language expressions to college students’ real-world surroundings. By linking pure contexts, their pursuits are being drawn or stimulated by prior information and experiences. Issues equivalent to their hobbies, movies they principally watch, travels in different international locations, favourite actors from world wide, favourite video games, happiest and scariest desires, historic occasions they’re acutely aware about different international locations, folks and nation English songs that they take heed to, and extra will be urged as thematic backgrounds for college students are typically responsive in school actions when conditions they’re intently related to are manipulated. Additionally, offering these sorts of frameworks scale back college students’ studying passivity which is especially resulting from lack of curiosity or absence of information.

PPP’s fundamentals are explicated right here in two separate methods. (A) One is thru utilizing totally different language targets in every stage to clarify its underlying rudiments, and (B) the opposite is by an intertwined single goal language interconnected to its three phases.

A. PPP Software in numerous language targets

Within the presentation stage, language goal is stimulated by demonstration methods adopted by a instructor’s discretion. The scholars are anticipated to watch how new languages are generated from a instructor’s assorted approach of presenting. It’s a truth that it is not appropriate to feed college students straight what their new classes are. In right here, it’s favorable to listen to instructor say, “We now have a brand new grammar lesson immediately that connects to your favourite sports activities gamers world wide”. “Are you able to inform me the names of your favourite gamers?” relatively than saying, “We’ll find out about frequent nouns and correct nouns.” “Your favourite sports activities gamers are literally correct nouns.” Presentation ought to incorporate discovery technique which can happen by the introduction of duties related by supporting supplies equivalent to footage, timeline, actual objects, cited conditions, a movie clip relying on lecturers’ discretion. On the finish of this stage, the scholars will pay attention to the goal language, its preliminary guidelines and constructions, which they themselves have inferred.

Secondly, follow stage is finished after the scholars have found the language’s options. Based mostly from a instructor -prepared actions, they apply the foundations and constructions. Presuming that our classes are on singular and plural nouns, we are able to evaluation these to focus on what they’ve discovered within the presentation by having them cite nouns that they see within the second image and have them checklist all of the phrases in two columns in keeping with names of issues and individuals. The scholars could also be tasked to establish every phrase which is singular and plural from the 2 unique columns that they’ve constructed enabling them to provide two extra columns: singular and plural nouns for individuals, singular and plural nouns for locations, as facilitated. Collectively, in every column, the category transforms the phrases into singular or plural varieties. Relying upon the supply of time, the instructor can additional introduce some exceptions to the overall guidelines on the totally different pluralization of nouns. In all probability, the instructor gives an exercise that demonstrates some nouns whose plural varieties aren’t ending in ‘-s’ or ‘-es.’ As an illustration: child- youngsters, cactus-cacti, radius-radii, memorandum-memoranda, woman-women, man-men, mouse-mice, goose-geese. Moreover, the instructor might function some uncountable nouns equivalent to: milk, sugar, cheese, salt, tea, espresso, bread and plenty of different examples.

Manufacturing is a stage the place college students’ prior grammar information together with acquired information from the 2 phases are integrated underneath given duties to show an over-all studying end result. It is suggested that the manufacturing actions ought to relate to actuality for communicative functions. Assuming that the goal language is the current steady with future meanings, the instructor might ask the scholars on what they’re going to do that afternoon to be answered in full sentences. The anticipated responses might be an utility of the language’s earlier launched method, which is current be-verb + a verb within the -ing kind + future time. At this level, the scholars are anticipated to provide an instance by being particular about be- verbs. It’s on this state of affairs that the scholars are made to choose between ‘is,’ ‘are,’ and ‘am’ though typically, they have been utilizing ‘is’ or ‘are’ within the follow stage. Moreover, for the reason that query is about them individually, they must resolve which topic they’re going to make use of. So as to add, they can even must resolve which a part of speech they’re going to use. And since, ‘I’ have been determined, they’re conscious that pronoun goes for use particularly the topic pronouns, as a substitute of selecting up a topic from nouns. In conjunction to those stimulating exercise, college students’ cognitive potential steady to work importantly. Subsequently, the anticipated outputs might be sentences which are launched by “I’m” For example, “I’m assembly my buddy this afternoon,” “I’m touring to Islamabad tonight.” Just like different language focuses, the scholars are inspired to govern the language expressions for no matter goal they might really serve via the combination of the goal language’s varieties and guidelines bolstered by their prior information which perhaps added with new associated language to be processed when follow-up actions equivalent to homework and different types of enrichment workout routines are offered.

B. PPP utility in an intertwined single lesson

Probably the most sensible approach to perceive PPP is to understand it in its three intertwined phases via an express lesson that showcases a single language focus together with its corresponding actions to be demonstrated in ascending method. Under is an instance of its utility.

PPP might be elucidated via an interactive dialogue between a instructor and college students with responses as upshots from the given duties adopted by commentaries that function some sensible studying processes’ significance which conceivably advocate some supportive measures in making an attempt to attain an operative employment of this technique.

The lesson

The goal language is “used to” and the instructor is conscious that the category has already discovered some grammatical factors equivalent to topic pronouns, subject-verb settlement and previous easy verb varieties in help to the brand new lesson which signifies that in an institutional language course define, the teachings are sequenced appropriately in keeping with the training wants of scholars.


On the finish of a 50-minute session, the scholars are anticipated to:

1. decide using the expression “used to”,

2. use ‘used to’ to remodel sentences that are expressed within the easy previous,

3. make use of ‘used to’ in sharing their earlier out-of-school actions,

4. write a paragraph concerning their experiences utilizing the expression, and

5. improve college students” grammatical potential and creativity via expressing concepts up to now in another way.


Targets present very substantial roles in each lesson. Although we can’t cowl all of the supposed outcomes in a single lesson, the targets ought to cater to a particular sort of lesson by involving the three domains of objectives- cognitive, psychomotor and affective. Particularly, “decide,” ‘use,’ ‘make use of’ are indicators of cognitive targets. ‘Write’ represents psychomotor and cognitive whereas ‘improve’ signify affective. All these acknowledged targets are anticipated to be attained in making use of the method involving, “used to” in a category’ featured sequence of actions. These particular targets turn into college students’ efficiency indicators on the finish of the educating course of.

Stage 1: Presentation

Instructor: Each one in all you need to have loved your childhood much like Munawar’s experiences when he was a schoolboy in Lahore. Hear, to a few of his unforgettable actions that he used to do on the age of ten in Pakistan.

college students’ solutions:

climbed apple bushes

went searching along with his father

performed cricket with associates

learn storybooks on the library

picked fruits throughout harvest time

helped his mother and father within the farm

prayed collectively along with his father on the mosque

Instructor: All of your solutions are displayed on the board. Do you observe one thing on the finish of each response?

Scholar: There isn’t a punctuation. I imply, there is not any full cease.

Instructor: Sure, what else do you see? See all the start phrases of those solutions.

Scholar: They don’t seem to be capitalized.

Instructor: Proper. Why aren’t they capitalized and punctuated?

Scholar: We solely capitalize and punctuate them when they’re sentences.

Instructor: Am I made to grasp that these responses aren’t sentences?

Scholar: Sure.


Even when the teachings aren’t on punctuation and capitalization, these important factors that popped up must be processed. Additionally it is on this setting when college students are given the possibility to find out the variations between a phrase and a sentence. These add to their primary information which can information them in language acquisition abilities. It’s a instructor’s duty to combine these essential factors since these are pure educating occurrences that surfaced presently in the midst of a educating course of. The instructor ought to by no means presume that the category knew about these related factors for there might be extra college students ready to soak up the appropriate rudiments via a instructor’s elaboration. One pupil’s doubt which was by no means raised for some causes might reply many college students’ hesitations underneath these circumstances.

Instructor: Let’s get again once more to what you’ve got listened to about Munawar’s childhood actions. What did he do? Let’s change Munawar into one other kind. What ought to we use to symbolize Munawar? Return to the topic pronouns and select appropriately the phrase that we’re going to use as a topic.

Scholar: “He” needs to be used.

Instructor: That is proper. Why do you suppose it’s “he?”

College students: Munawar is singular and he is a male.

Instructor: Precisely. This time, will I capitalize and punctuate utilizing a full cease? Why ought to I capitalize and punctuate?

College students: Sure. We now have made sentences. Because of this, we have to capitalize the start phrases and place a full cease on the finish of each assertion.

college students’ solutions.

He climbed apple bushes.

He went searching along with his father

He performed cricket with associates.

He watched TV along with his household earlier than going to sleep.

He picked fruits throughout harvest time.

He helped his mother and father within the farm.

He prayed collectively along with his father on the mosque.

Instructor: What do you discover in every verb from the sentences?

College students: They’re all written up to now kind?

Instructor: What made you say so?

Scholar: The verbs finish in- ed.

Instructor Why ought to we place -ed on the finish of each verb?

College students: They occurred when he was a baby. These motion phrases have been finished up to now.

Instructor: Additionally, you’ll discover that one previous easy verb is of various kind.

What is that this phrase? Recall your earlier lesson concerning the forms of verbs.

College students: It is an irregular verb.

Instructor: Can we settle for this verb?

Scholar: Sure.

Instructor: Why?

Scholar: It additionally expresses previous easy.

Instructor: Are you able to give extra examples of those irregular verbs?

college students’ solutions on irregular verbs

inform -told



really feel -felt


turn into -became

say -said

come- got here

tear- tore




Instructor: Okay. Can we probably write these sentences in one other approach?

What about inserting ‘used to’ earlier than the verb in each sentence that now we have made?

College students: Sure, we are able to.

Instructor: You’re right. Write your new sentence beside every sentence. Add ‘used to’ earlier than the verbs however the primary verbs needs to be became the current easy.

College students’ solutions

He climbed apple bushes. He used to climb apple bushes

He went searching along with his father. He used to go searching along with his father.

He performed cricket with associates. He used to play cricket with associates.

He watched TV along with his household earlier than going to sleep. He used to observe TV along with his household earlier than going to sleep.

He picked fruits throughout harvest time. He used to select fruits throughout harvest time.

He helped his mother and father within the farm. He used to assist his mother and father within the farm.

He prayed collectively along with his father on the mosque. He used to wish collectively along with his father on the mosque.

Instructor: Taking a look at your second group of solutions, do you see how every sentence in each quantity differ from the primary group in keeping with verb varieties?

College students: Sure, the primary group made has previous easy whereas the opposite was became current easy kind.

Instructor: What made the adjustments of the previous easy verbs in your second sentences?

College students: “Used to” made the adjustments within the verbs into current easy.

Instructor: Everyone knows that the verbs within the first group of sentences are up to now kind, and this implies all of them have been finished up to now. After we made one other group of sentences, we added ‘used to’ however now we have written all of the verbs into easy current kind. Have we finished these adjustments accurately?

College students: Sure, now we have. After we positioned ‘used to’, we’re equally rewriting the concepts up to now kind in one other approach.

Instructor: Now, are they the identical by way of tense? Do the pairs have the identical meanings?

College students: Sure, they do.

Instructor: Apart from utilizing the straightforward previous kind to precise accomplished actions up to now, what else can we use?

College students: We will write “used to + the bottom type of the verb.”

Instructor: Sure, it’s correct to make use of ‘used to + the bottom type of the verb’ to precise actions that occurred up to now.


The salient factors to be noticed in listed here are the utilization of earlier information of the language, shut linkage of targets to focus on language, interconnections of targets in all actions with the inclusion of motivation. The presentation needs to be inductive for the scholars to deduce as a substitute of using the deductive technique. In utilizing the inductive technique, college students could have the chance to determine what language is to be discovered and the way do their constructions to swimsuit a particular rule or a basic rule which they are going to quickly uncover. Additionally, utility of prior language might be related as demonstrated by the substitution of topics. Prior information utilization is a type of refreshing them concerning the significance of beforehand discovered languages. In right here, they got the chance to establish the order of the expressions in language constructions. So as to add, this stage directed learners to kind a method of their very own which is able to information them to carry out sequence of workout routines by phases.

There are some exceptions to the formation of previous tense for irregular verbs. If it comes out, it’s best to course of its salient factors in preparation for the follow and manufacturing. This needs to be bolstered by including extra actions within the presentation.

Stage 2: Apply

Instructor: Let’s have extra workout routines to additional perceive the lesson. Here’s a checklist of what a movie director did when he filmed a film in Quetta. Write them in full sentences utilizing the previous easy kind and adjusted every by including ‘Use to.’

booked his crew in a resort

talked to the mayor of the city

employed some additional cameramen

gathered different residents to behave as bit gamers

organized the actors schedules

gave time for performers to learn their scripts

threw a celebration earlier than going again dwelling

College students’ solutions

He booked his crew in a resort. He used to guide his crew in a resort

He talked to the mayor of the city. He used to speak to the mayor of the city.

He employed some additional cameramen. He used to rent some additional cameramen.

He gathered different residents to behave as bit gamers. He used to collect different residents to behave as bit gamers.

He organized the actors’ schedules. He used to prepare the actors’ schedules.

He gave time for performers to learn their scripts. He used to offer time for performers to learn their scripts.

He threw a celebration earlier than going again dwelling. He used to throw a celebration earlier than going again dwelling.


It’s pertinent that the instructor stimulates the pondering of the scholars after the remodeled examples as reinforcement of the presentation stage. Repetition is a type of reinforcement and a type of significant train for the reason that college students’ are made to suppose whereas they carry out. After the actions, elaboration of the rudiments of this language focus is of excessive significance.

When “used to” is used, the unique verb kind from as easy previous needs to be in a easy current. It’s advisable to have the scholars uncover the adjustments. Their inference might be an important help in retaining information. The instructor’s function is barely to set off their potential to deduce concerning the verb construction. At this juncture, a instructor is discouraged to feed ideas on to the scholars.

In actual communication practices, these two expressions: previous easy and ‘used to’ could also be combined up. It’s best to emphasise that it’s doable to happen. Each pupil needs to be conscious that what they discovered within the classroom are fashions and that they are often modified in a pure communication whether or not they’re used orally or in written method.

Stage 3: Manufacturing

Instructor: What about you, can you continue to recall your previous actions years in the past? Collectively together with your seatmate, checklist what each of you used to do. Write them in a easy previous verb and be capable of rework these sentences utilizing ‘used to.’ You’ll have three forms of lists. Each college students will ship a chat concerning the duties that they’ve accomplished. Assist one another in forming the lists.

doable college students’ checklist one (1) no topic with easy previous

watched our favourite TV present day-after-day

performed soccer within the discipline

visited my associates twice

had picnics on the household park

went to Dammam each week

toured Bahrain as soon as a month

travelled to Riyadh Metropolis with our cousins.

doable college students’ checklist two (2) pluralized topic with easy previous

We watched our favourite TV present day-after-day.

We performed soccer within the discipline.

We visited my associates twice.

We had picnics on the household park.

We went to Dammam each week.

We toured Bahrain as soon as a month.

We travelled to Riyadh Metropolis with our cousins.

doable college students’ checklist three (3) – pluralized topic with expression ‘used to’ changing easy previous.

We used to observe our favourite TV present day-after-day.

We used to play soccer within the discipline.

We used to go to my associates twice.

We used to have picnics on the household park.

We used to go to Dammam each week.

We used to tour Bahrain as soon as a month.

We used to journey to Riyadh Metropolis with our cousins

Instructor: Get again to checklist primary and share your concepts.

College students: Listing primary is launched by easy verbs.

Instructor: Sure, that is proper. What have you ever seen in checklist quantity two?

College students: There’s a specified topic in every sentence.

Instructor: Right. The phrases have been accomplished as sentences. Are checklist quantity three and quantity two the identical in terms of tenses?

College students: Sure.

Instructor: Now, as a homework, make a timeline of 5 thrilling issues that you simply did final summer season through the use of dates and previous easy verbs or ‘used to’. Write them in a paragraph kind by following the elements of a paragraph that now we have practiced every week in the past.


College students have been in a position to kind the straightforward pasts independently, determined the topic for use and substituted the straightforward pasts into ‘used to’ by enumerating skilled actions. These suggest that college students studying within the cognitive approach is manifested within the manufacturing. Their potential to govern the language’s constructions and guidelines via the duties denote their increasing stage of order pondering abilities stemming from the presentation and follow stage. It’s due to this fact inspired that lecturers could make the manufacturing stage operational through the use of sequence of interlinked actions in contexts even when this specific stage is much like how they intertwined their classes from the 2 earlier phases. Provision of those actions permits them extra alternatives to govern presently discovered language targets and to use previously discovered language contents.

Homework is a sort of manufacturing ensuing to outputs that reinforce or enrich what they’ve discovered. Additionally it is really helpful that language a newly discovered focus have to be built-in with the introduction of a brand new focus equivalent to giving dates as time expressions. Date can point out previous actions and these are extra language expressions which they will work on in pure communication setting. Furthermore, encouraging manufacturing’s favorable results might proliferate amongst learners after they apply languages which are anchored to their real-life experiences.

There aren’t any straightforward approaches to make use of in language educating even when they appear to be. Lecturers must outline their learners and apply some changes. Approaches aren’t finished mechanically however relatively flexibly based mostly from college students’ stage and from the readiness of assets. Classes’ targets needs to be realized within the educating course of. Instructing experiences reveal that inside a technique, a technique arises. Additionally it is related to do some reflections regrading targets that result in studying instructions. Do your actions relate with the targets? Are they launched by the enter materials? Are they confined in your required setting? Are these manifested underneath instructor and college students’ roles? Do they hook up with the goal language? Are they implied within the outputs? In the event that they do, then PPP might be a viable technique in your school rooms.

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